This is why primitive line charts, run charts, and trend lines can be so misleading— they aren’t statistically useful. Share on linkedin LinkedIn. Thankfully, excel has the right. Hi Chandoo, I have an excel which is suppposed to have 3 sheets, but at one time only one sheet is visible. Hi, How to create a dynamic row in a summarising sheet when a new sheet dynamically adds in a workbook. It asks me for a password, I put one in, but aftyer I send it or slide it over to a shared folder on the company server other people can open it on their computer and chagne it to ‘visible’ without being asked for a password.

acyd.xla excel 2007

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The excel workbook must be having “hide sheet tabs” option turned on. I would be most grateful if you or someone can help. April 3, at 4: The way you mentioned does work. Then password protect the VBA project, save, and close.

Please enter Password Forgot Username? I am not sure if this is optimum, but it seems to produce results without much effort.


acyd.xla excel 2007

Having excfl blank Module will allow you to create and save a password without bringing up the message of a Macro when you open the spreadsheet. Notify me of when new comments are posted via e-mail. You will need a control chart to detect actual changes in performance.

How to Hide Worksheet Tabs in Excel Workbook and Prevent Users from Unhiding Them

I found another alternative solution. Otherwise excell is hidden from view. Do I miss anything? You will mainly need: Hi, I used this process sometime back when my Office version is still I have one doubt, i have one master sheet like 12 different companies. This trick is very handy when you are sharing workbooks with others and afraid that they may ruin the calculations or data.

acyd.xla excel 2007

I was given a workbook with a confusing number of tabs on, so I thought “I know! But when i re-open the file the Properties of the Sheet are visible, the user is able to change the Sheet Properties, it didnt asked for any password.

From VBA Code window: Unfortunately I’ve only got at work. Is there a step I’m missing such as saving the project? But when ever i am trying to perform step 2 i.


How to Hide Worksheet Tabs in Excel Workbook

July 10, at 7: If one was trying to hide data from other users acyd.xoa as passwords and such and they used this method, you can still find the data:. Excel HowtosLearn Excel. January 28, at We were going to get a stable version. If you want to use more than Columns you must use excel or Share on facebook Facebook.

Tabbladen beveilligen – Worksheet. Chandoo is an awesome teacher. September 10, at 3: December 15, at 7: May 12, at August 25, at 3: Right click on the tab you want to hide and select view code option Step 2:

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