Log in or Sign up. Do you pay commissions for domain purchases? Our Team of developers is working continuously to offer both Publishers and Advertisers better interface, better tools, payment models and wider variety of formats a complete website re-design is going to be launched very soon If you are interested in becoming our Publisher and turn your website traffic into cash you can sign up for our Affiliate programme here: Edited by petch My scripts wiki: We pay via PayPal only.

affiliate neonga

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Continue with Google Google. Promote Webnode and get paid More than 30 users have enjoyed creating their websites with us. You’ll get commission only neonya the first purchase of Premium Plans. ArtvisionOct 2, We only pay for the first purchase of a Premium Plan. If the same name has been already used for a different project, your website’s address will contain a numerical suffix.

affiliate neonga

This process is completely automatic. Other than that the script looks like, with that line removed you can submit it for inclusion in the official repository if you want: Referring without special links with DirectLink You can refer users to the Webnode Affiliate Program even without special codes and links.


All types of Premium Plans are included regardless of their cost or value.

Cannot create account from PC client? : villagersandheroes

What do I get with the Webnode Affiliate Program? Icons and Install Resources 48×48 nonga left top Test and enjoy! Whenever a user you refered purchases first Premium Plan for his project, you will get paid. Frequently asked questions How do I make money? Login Continue with Facebook Facebook.

affiliate neonga

The install throws an error if you leave “Launch the game” checked at the end of the install. We do not limit the number of projects a user may have and many have numerous sites. How do I neonya I will be paid for my referral? All your referrals and sales will be properly tracked.

affiliate neonga

In case you haven’t become our affiliate yet you can register on our network here: By promoting Webnode and bringing new customers. I added a message regarding this to the script, and although the error looks bad closes the game and brings up a help article on the webthe neonnga completes and the game runs fine from the produced shortcut.

A Mystical Land changes name to Villagers & Heroes, adds content

Saturday 29 March at When a visitor follows your affiliate link to our site, our affiliate system registers this referral and places a cookie on his or her computer. Thank you, I’m excited about publishing my first POL script! Multiple purchases, multiple commissions Whenever a user you refered purchases first Premium Plan for his project, you will get paid.


It is free to play and has a small but very friendly and helpful community. How do I start promoting Webnode?

We pay via PayPal only. Create your website Website name. What is an affiliate link?

Promote Webnode and get paid

As well as you are not allowed to use our brand name ‘webnode’ and its variations as a keyword or in your advertising text in pay-per-click campaigns. Our affiliate program uses a combination xffiliate cookies and IP address to track referrals for the best possible reliability. Our personal account managers always strive to offer top notch service to our partner publishers and advertisers Fast payments: Simply create a new affiliate account or log in to your existing one.

You get paid when a referred user makes a purchase, no matter when it happens. So better just not put any message.

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