The rain clouds have mostly scattered and the clear starry sky is glittering again. I hope you can listen to it without getting lost in the translation. I can also be a substitute for hot water bottles! Um…it was the setting of a childhood friend. Blackemperess April 25, at 6: If you feel the sound of the rain firmly, you should be able to sleep well. Hikaru May 23, at 2:

amemakura vol 3

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amemakura vol 3

Because my companion was Billy. It actually makes the recording as if they were talking amenakura beside you, behind you, or infront of you like a creeper. I wonder which one was prettier: This time for sure, stay quiet…in my arms. Hey everyone, the link given above for the download link is unfortunately not working!

I was listening to this track even on the train for work this morning. The one who wrote that setting in not really very bright.

Random thought word of the day: Filed under AnimeArt. Somewhere along the line, the heroine falls asleep and poor Ooya just has a lot of feelings for everything. The rain clouds have mostly scattered and the clear starry sky is glittering again.


amemakura on Tumblr

The only thing that bugs me, that the sound of the rain in the background was a bit low, I hardly could hear it. Um…it was the setting of a childhood friend. Almost like, sleepy type? From the first CD of Amemakura 2nd series – Hajime.

Amemakura vol 02. Taiga

Not like the Canis Major constellation or the Gemini constellation. Thank you very much for this! So far, there are 6 volumes. I want to show it to you again… The new moon is also boldly showing itself.

In other words, those are my feelings for you. The names I thought of have even more value. Hikaru May 23, at 2: To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: And yes, that long sentence from vok beginning of the post is from the CD.

amemakura vol 3

Tsuda Kenjirou Oh god that voo, why. Slowly…slowly… engulfing your whole body…slowly…slowly…to the tip of your toes… slowly, slowly…you feel a light sensation of comfort. If anyone can tell me where to get Amemakura vol. For coming all the way here with me because today is my birthday.


Especially to those walking picture frames red lady whatever. It really stared to pour down.

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The amount of CDs in my collection has multiplied by a lot since then and I kind of had difficult time keeping up. Hm…well, it was hard.

amemakura vol 3

I wish I could just destroy the boat and live like Adam and Eve…. If you continue gazing at it, the number of the increases rapidly and it seems like they could rain down anytime.

It would be nice if we could meet again somewhere.

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