Engines and its working principles, performances, Design considerations of combustion chambers for C.!. Static and dynamic characteristics of Measurement Systems. Basics of number system. L Engines, knocking, Rating of fuels, Lubrications, Ignition systems. Periodic and aperiodic signals. Strength of materials and theory of structures:

apgenco study material for electronics

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Sampling theorem, pulse code modulation. Unsymmetrical Bending and shear Centre. Psychometry, Refrigeration and Air-conditioning, working principles and their applications.

Amplitude and frequency modulation and demodulation.

apgenco study material for electronics

Oscillators and signal generators. Static and dynamic characteristics of Measurement Systems. Periodic and aperiodic signals.

APGENCO Assistant Engineer Recruitment 2017: Final Answer Key Declared

Error and uncertainty analysis. Routh and Nyquist criteria.

Phase and gain margin. Operational amplifiers, characteristics and circuit configurations, Instrumentation amplifier. Transducers, Mechanical Measurement and Industrial Instrumentation: Basics of fiber optics.

APGENCO – Study Material|

Frequency and time division multiplexing. Fundamentals of hot and cold working processes, forging, materlal, extrusion, drawing, shearing and bending. Combinational logic circuits, minimization of Boolean functions. Properties of fluids, pressure measurement fluid statics, buoyancy and flotation, fluid kinematics and fluid dynamics, orifices and mouthpieces, notches and weirs, laminar and turbulent flows, mxterial through pipes, forces on immersed bodies, flow in open channels, impact of jets, Hydraulic turbines and pumps, dams, power houses, hydrology and hydro power plants.


Vibration isolation, critical speeds of shafts.

apgenco study material for electronics

One-port and two-port Network Function. Impulse response, transfer function and frequency response of first and second order systems.

V-to-I and I-to-V converter. Dear sir, I am a B. Bode plot, root loci. Origin and classification of soils, three phase system, basic definitions and relations, effective stress.

apgenco study material for electronics

Time, phase and frequency measurements. Digital voltmeter and multi-meter. Synchro pair, servo and step motors. Foundry, Welding and Forging: Control Systems and Process Apgemco Microprocessor applications, memory and input-output interfacing.

APGENCO AE Electronics/Electrical Study Material

Classification of compressors and its working principles, Classification of I. Arithmetic circuits, Comparators, Schmitt trigger, timers and mono-stable multi vibrator. Optical sources and detectors, LED, laser, Photo-diode, photo-resistor and their characteristics. Ash April 11, at 5: Displacement, velocity and acceleration analysis of plane mechanisms. Signals, Systems and Communications:

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