Also, you cannot select and migrate specific agent recovery points. A singlewindow pop-up is simply considered a dialog box. When replicating to a third-party target core, you can use built-in work flows that let you request connections and receive automatic feedback notifications. User Name Enter a user name to access the Core service for the newly added Core. PowerShell scripting helps administrators automate administration and management of AppAssure 5 resources. Read this chapter in its entirety before deciding whether to upgrade to AppAssure 5.

appassure central management console

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For more information, see Installing the AppAssure Core. You complete the information presented in each page of the wizard as befits your requirements, navigating back and forth between wizard pages by clicking Next and Back buttons.

appassure central management console

Other trademarks and trade names may be used in this document to refer to either the entities claiming the marks and names or their products. AppAssure User Guide, Release 5. However, upgrade only after careful consideration about the effect it may have on your machines.

The AppAssure Smart Agent is application-aware manqgement it not only detects the type of application that is installed but the location of the data as well. The Appadsure 4 Core service could interfere with the conversion process.

appassure central management console

If using replication, the recommended order of upgrading components is to always upgrade the target core first, then upgrade the source core, and lastly update the Agent software on protected machines. If you install multiple AppAssure Cores, you must install this separate service to manage them.

Dell – Appassure 5 has been announced

Rollup operations are reduced to metadata operations from disk intensive operations because the rollup no longer moves data but only moves the records.


It is possible to create up to independent repositories on a single AppAssure Core and to further increase the size of a repository manageent adding new file extents.

appassure central management console

If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Restarting ensures that the proper kernel driver version is used to protect your machine.

Retention policy In AppAssure retention policies can be customized to specify the cehtral of time a backup recovery point is maintained. The license key or file are necessary to download the AppAssure Core and AppAssure Agent software and to configure and protect machines. A backup of existing rules will be written to: The archive feature supports extended retentions for compliance and non-compliance data, as well as being used for seeding replication data to a target core.

A license key or license file is necessary to download the AppAssure Core and AppAssure Agent software and to configure and protect machines. Dell recommends reviewing your AppAssure configuration semiannually. True global deduplication AppAssure performs target-based inline data deduplication.

Dell AppAssure 5.4.3 Installation and Upgrade Guide

The first time you open the AppAssure Core, you will need to enter your license key. Fast recoveries Rapid Recovery bare metal restores take only minutes to complete, rather than the hours required to complete manual system rebuilds and lengthy file restores. The same requirement applies if you want to set up a custom retention policy for a replicated agent. AppAssure deployment architecture AppAssure is a scalable backup and recovery product that is flexibly deployed within the enterprise or as a service delivered by a managed service provider.


When AppAssure backs up at the block level across multiple machines simultaneously, it provides a more detailed view of what is in the backup and what is not, irrespective of the source. On the conole page, you can see the progress of the installation.

Dell AppAssure Installation and Upgrade Guide |

This recommendation does not apply to Dell backup and recovery appliances. Cwntral log in to the License Portal to activate accounts, download software, and deploy agents and cores per your license for your environment. Because the AppAssure Migration Tool appssure not directly compatible with the latest centrzl of AppAssure, it is recommended that you first migrate from Replay 4 to AppAssure 5. Rapid Recovery enables one of the fastest and most flexible recovery procedures possible taking just minutes, not hours or days, with a near-zero RPO.

With RMW replication, the two cores match keys before transferring data, and then replicate only the unique blocks that are compressed- encrypted-deduplicated across the WAN resulting in a 10x reduction in bandwidth requirements.

Find us on Facebook. Afterwards, you are able to browse the data. A warning screen displays. Optionally, if you want to use encryption keys for agent snapshot data, you must set up encryption keys for one or more agents. A simple waterfall method defines the aging process.

Navigate to the location where you saved the installer file, and then double-click the file.

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