Added Omega Blue Armor. Adjusted Akrasia mode spawn rates. It fires green apples that create waves of branches upon colliding with a surface. Buffed Apotheosis EX 2. Apotheosis EX can be converted into an accessory that gives spectacular stat boosts, causes you to summon a swarm of mini-devourers whenever damaged, and causes all of your attacks to inflict the devastating God Eater debuff.

cursor chibi exo

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Apotheosis buff is now retained upon exiting the world. It fires green apples that create waves of branches upon colliding with a surface. It will attempt to kill the player by stabbing them in darkness and spawning a mechworm enemy to finish the job. Changed Apotheosis EX recipe.

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Forums New posts Search forums. Made some recipes marginally less insane. Chibii Devourer pet always switches to airborne when the player is mounted. Cursoe Skeetarmourainiumer EX 7.

It spawns a friendly Chibii Devourer that will not eat your food, stab you, or spawn mechworms – in other words, a completely cosmetic pet.


Megaskeet, an absurd machine gun that fires four bullets every tick. Apotheosis can now be crafted from Calamity’s Apotheosis.

Exo Lightstick Cursor

Megacoquagulantiapotheosis Skeetarmourainiumer EX 7. It spawns a pair of projectiles at the cursor that swoop in symmetrical circular arcs towards the player and then fire in a chlbi line after coming to a near-halt. Moved Iron Heart and Revengeance recipes to postgame. Nerfed Coquagulantian Armourainium base damage. I only ask because I’m a total weenie that doesn’t want to die and just needs a really cute pet item and the powerful weapon it provides access to. Drops from the ultimate superboss summoned by Chibii Devourer Empowered.

Ataraxia no longer spams the chat in post-Chibii multiplayer.

cursor chibi exo

Speed Limiter is an accessory that causes all of the player’s melee attacks to inflict God Eater. For issues you find with the Switch and Console releases, please follow this link and give as much detail as possible.

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Buffed Ascened Chibii Devourer. Chibii Devourer bait summons an adult Eidolon Wyrm. It’s a throwing weapon.

Changed Ataraxia and Elixir chhibi Apotheosis effects. As requested, this page will detail the contents of the mod. While active, this pet prevents all negative effects of any Apotheosis item. Added Cosmic Plushie Friendly. Buffed Ascened Chibii to no longer take increased damage or kill off her worms in her final phase. Worm Hell is a beautiful place.


Great for endgame characters that use Demonshade but miss Auric Tesla’s defensive abilities. Characters that have defeated Ascened Chibii will be able to use Ataraxia in any world characters from before this update must kill Ascened Chibii again.

cursor chibi exo

Ataraxia gives immunity to Supreme Calamitas’ instant kill for taking less than damage. Homing attacks and minions will target Super Dummy.

Where are you going to?

Megaskeet can fire regular bullets with right click. Right click with the item to kill all existing Super Dummies. Elixir of Apotheosis removes Revengeance stat soft caps it doesn’t restore melee speed or revert the summoner nerf.

Sunskeeter is a light pet summoned by the Skeet Stone item.

cursor chibi exo

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