The really strong part in this band is the vocals. The album was completely self-produced by Ettore in his home studio. Retrieved from ” https: The Shadow North American Tour 3. The re-release package was put out by Coroner Records on 26 June Yes, he plays guitar, bass, keyboards and drums, but it isn’t too good for the band, because they can’t do gigs The only songs on this album that are actually worth anything are the songs one and three.

disarmonia mundi mind tricks re-release

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Insomnium Heart Like A Grave.

Then, we have a little slower track – Celestial Furnace. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Melody and atmosphere is mostly achieved through keyboard. Disarmonia Mundi is in my opinion the best melodeath band in the world, even if they might be a bit unknown.

I understand people who think this is nothing special, some people think instrumental prowess is more important than vocals and lyrics. A true cash grab. Advertise on Metal Storm.

Disarmonia Mundi

The drumming is pretty simple as well and ranges between slow, heavy beats to blast beats and fast double bass drumming, with the last one being the one used most frequently. The illusion of multiple voices is a true mind trick, pun intended.

The response to re-relewse album allowed the band to sign a contract with Self for Italian distribution and with Cd-Maximum for distribution in Russia.


disarmonia mundi mind tricks re-release

The blending of voices even continues in the infinitely catchy and soaring choruses where Ettore’s and Speed’s clean vocals are dual-lined to create a single voice, although due to both singers’ indiosyncrasies in intonation and pronunciation, the illusion of the fused voices always remains apparent which is pleasant to listen to. There’s a lot of good here, but so much wrong. The disamonia on Mind Tricks is quite good.

Disarmonia Mundi – Mind Tricks – Reviews – Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

They are in my honest opinion better than songs from Fragments. I fell in love with Disarmonia Mundis unique triple vocal style the first time I heard it and I think it’s just re-rrelease awesome today. I mean, how many other melodic death metal bands have three vocalists? Metallica Ride The Lightning.

disarmonia mundi mind tricks re-release

Not many, I believe. However, “Fragments of D-Generation” was simply stunning. These elements would shape Disarmonia Mundi’s sound for the mibd and reach their logical apex on Mind Tricks.

disarmonia mundi mind tricks re-release

That the album sounds overproduced is the least of its problems. The album sounds like the heaviest thing the band has recorded up to date: Login Register or use.

Disarmonia Mundi: special Mind Tricks re-release and album preorder

Retrieved March 16, Despite lacking a massive distribution and live activity due to line-up problems the record received an amazing feedback from both media and metal fans and allowed the band to sign a contract for the worldwide distribution of the next two albums. It is quality track, but I think that it dissarmonia from the album Yes, perhaps not the greatest vocalist in the genre, Bjorn brings his upbeat combination of clean and harsh vocals to the band, and effectively increases the likeableness of the band’s music.


The ‘death’ in melodic-death is a poor joke at best and the album sounds closer to hard rock or even the dreaded metalcore in some places. There still remain the melodies but everything is so polished to the point that all real emotion just feels mechanized.

Disarmonia Mundi – Mind Tricks – Metal Storm

Pretty run of the mill Gothenburg. I will say that you have got there piece of very good melodic death. Other lame songs include ‘Venom Leech and the Hands of Rain’, which actually has a great bridge but again a chorus that totally annihilates the vibe of the song.

In Ettore is involved as mastermind of a project called “Imaginary Flying Machines” from the title of a short film written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki, which is exclusively shown daily at the Ghibli Museum.

How many of you are familiar with Disarmonia Mundi? Another aspect which I do not quite enjoy is that of Claudio Ravinale.

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