Pretending to be a hero slain in battle was one thing. His narration was easy to follow and it was highly enjoyable. Reading the novel I had forgotten this and was therefore thrown a bit by the misogyny and offensive language, not just by our main but the other characters. Maybe if this is the first book where you’ve run across the plot points I mentioned it works better??? Rita, the sergeant, the mechanic sorry, I listened to the audiobook and names aren’t my strong suit were all very interesting.

hiroshi sakurazaka all you need is kill

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Until then, I was mostly along sakuraazka the ride, willing to forgive its casual sexism and shallow approach to the anxieties of soldiers who face their own imminent demise, because I hoped that Sakurazaka was playing a long game, that he would peel back the layers and reveal a beating heart underneath all the artifice.

hiroshi sakurazaka all you need is kill

But when I was reading the table of contents, I was struck. I can really appreciate the fact that this book has helped spurn that genre.

hiroshi sakurazaka all you need is kill

In pain, in fear, covered in my own shit because of the fear. A graphic novel adaptation was released in North America in May Please fix Goodreads gods. Dec 14, Tamahome rated it liked it. I think I was expecting a little more from it probably based on the hype and hoopla of late. There are so many places that story could go that I was surprised in retrospect that a sequel had yoi been written.


All You Need is Kill – Sakurazaka Hiroshi

The one larger-than-life presence at the base is legendary American soldier Rita Vrataski, who has been the most impressive in an elite squad responsible for: Really, I started it at 3 pm this day and I ended it at Burton rated it hirshi liked it Shelves: We meet Keiji, a green Japanese biroshi, on the day of his first battle. Sakurazaka’s other novels include Characters cowritten with Hiroki Azuma and Slum Online, which was published in English by Haikasoru in She’s strong, brave, she doesn’t like people messing with her and she hates Mimics with all her soul.

They create fear by being calculating and predatory at the same time. Being an obsessive anglophile and a fan of the tale in all its incarnations, I wanted to nitpick any plot differences between the movie, manga, and novel.

June 19, [9]. There are two heroes to this tale if you will, though the main protagonist is Keiji Kiriya, a warrior engaged in a battle against half biological, half mechanical alien warriors called Mimics, for the survival of humanity.

All You Need Is Kill

The Mimics and their origin are also inspired ideas, the explanation of their origins and purpose a satisfying one. The fear that permeated every fiber of my being was relentless, it was cruel, and it was my best hope for getting through this.

I am a huge js of manga, but I am truly glad of being able to read first the story on its original format.


From the start, the story is an easy 4 star rating, with a lot of action scenes and the character developments. He’s also a regular guy. Each time the cycle repeats, he learns another valuable lesson about his life.

All You Need Is Kill

It was for this reason that I was interested in checking out the novel and seeing what type of book it sakudazaka. He had motives of his own for enlisting in the army.

He paints his exoskeleton blue in honor of her memory. They wreak devastation wherever they spread, poisoning the land and rendering it uninhabitable.

hiroshi sakurazaka all you need is kill

Be ready for the obligatory environmental guilt that became His narration was easy to follow and it was highly enjoyable. Being a tough person in the present, by the same rules we are introduced to her own personal anguish and shattered existence.

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The novel itself is something odd in the Japanese literature culture, since it’s a prose novel. Keiji Kiriya is about to join their ranks.

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