Applying the patch will take around 30 minutes and terminating the process when it is in progress is not recommended. Enhanced AS monitoring to support specific job, subsystem monitoring. You can create actions to automatically start, stop and restart Amazon EC2 instances. Provision to reconcile assets created by receiving items from PO and assets scanned during scanning. Definition for Each CI Type with attributes and relationships. Introduced an option in Central server to associate users for Business Service Groups, created in the Probes.

manageengine it360 8.5

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Indication of Leave Types by color codes. Linking service requests is now enabled. Items of type Consumable will not be added as individual asset while they are received from PO.

Provision to configure multiple approver for a PO. Configuration of Relationships between the CIs. General License structure simplified. Support for adding invoice details and payment details to PO. Scan script for Mac machines. Enhancements Title of the web console has been modified to differentiate Central and Probe Failover configuration script Licensing structure changes Issues Fixed Not able to delete failed workstation from the list view – fixed Not able to create a new SLA – fixed Unable to open the scheduled reports in pdf – fixed Top band vanishes while creating creating traffic reports – fixed Unable to discover network devices [in IT MSP Edition] ih360 firefox browser – fixed Probe icon is now manageengjne in admin screen.


Includes the ability to specify SOAP Action and Request values corresponding to the operation and also the ability to add custom operations. Changes rolled in to retain the rebranding changes after upgrading the IT setup.

Option to display Approvals tab in the Requests module for Requesters. This field will be set when a request is updated, or when a note is added to the request, or when a reply sent by the technician.

Option to include a static html ir360 in the Self-Service Portal. Support for SLA based services. Support for creating Service Catalog with service categories and services. Site based implementation for problem and change. If you are viewing request IDs 26 to 50, then those 25 IDs alone will be available while navigating from the request details page.

This report compares the availability of the monitor group against target availability and also shows manageenvine downtime count and total downtime for the monitor group.

Support to search requests based on service request common additional fields. Discarding emails from non existing users.

And if it is a first response, then the first response time will be updated accordingly. For more details, refer the link click here.


manageengine it360 8.5

Calculation of depreciation for assets and components. Support for scanning Linux machines using shell script. When processing a mail reply, the parent request was determined based on the ‘subject’ of the mail.

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Problem of newly added Servers, not displaying disk information, has been addressed. Option to copy the resolution, worklog, notes etc.

manageengine it360 8.5

Support for configuring the mandatory ut360 fields for PO. Enhancements to SNMP Trap listener feature including the ability to select trap severity based on threshold profiles.

Ability to associate the change, due to which a request was created, from the Request details page. General Enhanced the Central-Probe communication framework to avoid opening up of incoming ports at the Probe end. Support for monitoring WebSphere Application Server version 7. Support for monitoring Memcached servers. The script can be used for scanning Linux machines which are not in the network, or to push inventory data from the remote machines to the server.

Self-Service Portal UI changes: Do it at the end of OnModelCreating by manipulating the model directly:

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