The EOR methods may be classified into the following kinds: The procedures for the evaluation of electric properties shown in this work are applied for dielectric constant values up to kHz, as well as for the electric conductivity in direct current and the electrical strength in industrial frequency. In accordance with the former, the Instituto de Investigaciones Electricas proposed the application of the reflectometry technique in the time domain, to complement the maintenance procedures. Market trends and social and environmental issues encouraged the vegetal wax presence in the world-wide paraffin market. In Hydrotreating of feedstocks, knowledge about characteristics of process regarding product property estimation, hydrogen consumption and removal of contaminants sulfur, nitrogen, aromatics , are very important to process optimization, product specification and environment protection. Analysis of the operating cost of Petroleos Mexicanos; Analisis del costo de operacion de petroleos mexicanos.

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The analysis of methods follows those used for the environments.

mattos nascimento cd clame a ele

At the same time, non-linear numerical models were developed using the finite element method. The known fact that a vapor compressor system presents larger efficiency is not enough to validate it for all of the applications. Global supply of oil. The deterioration provoked by hydrogen is the most harmful deterioration in an oil refinery. Hydrogen and energy recovery by gasification of petroleum coke from heavy crude refining; Recuperacion de hidrogeno y energia mediante gasificacion de coques de petroleo provenientes de refinacion de crudos pesados.

How to make a flying helicopter car – Flying dc mo Oscillating flux in petroleum emulsions irradiated with laser; Flujo oscilatorio en emulsiones de petroleo irradiadas con laser. The new regulatory framework has established the award granted by the State, through bids organized by the ANP, of the oil and gas exploration nascimeento production activities. The experimental work began producing emulsions in form of lots, using samples of approximately milliliters of vacuum residue.


This work presents a computational tool to els the operational scheduling of a pipeline network. The simulated scenarios showed that some critical aspects contributed decisively to the global sustainability.

The following methods are presented: Each run corresponds to a different spatial discretization. Escola de Artes, Ciencias e Humanidades], email: Onila Espindola Jesus, teu salvador – YouTube hin Tanto el gobierno como la industria deben hacerlo mejor la proxima vez.

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The project permits the expedition and loading of 10, tons of petcoke within a period of 12 hours of work for cargo vessel. Fd Arriola, Alejandro M. Coke fouling process on the oil refining; Processo de incrustacao por coque no refino do petroleo. Moreover, operations called ‘lung’ are also treated, which involve flow changes during the movement.

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The analysis of oil composition and its fractions is important information on various aspects IOB et al. The methodology presented, that incorporates Monte Carlo Simulation for Risk Analysis, can be applied for any project with similar characteristics.

It is also described the difficulties in overcoming adverse factors such as reduced production of fields, lack of infrastructure and inadequate facilities. The possible environmental impacts are analysed and procedures for disposal and treatment are suggested.

mattos nascimento cd clame a ele

Inon the other hand, the country must import oil again to reach the domestic demand. This paper define the characteristic of Cuban heavy crude oil, the technology and operational conditions to produce jet fuel Jet A1 and the quality of fuel produced. The specific heat is an important property in the energy balance. Guelli Ulson de; Souza, Antonio A.


This work presents the solution of one case found in literature that broach one petroleum refinery’s network of water. Recently, new fluid inclusion study techniques are being used in petroleum exploration.

It comprises a Late Jurassic – Early Cretaceous system of half grabens that evolved during the preliminary stages of continental break related to the South Atlantic opening, from which it was aborted during the Aptian. This paper summarizes the environmental policy and the more significant activities conducted at the Venezuelan National oil company, PDVSA, to comply with such regulations.

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In order to obtain acceptable economic profit, it is necessary to transform that carbon mainly petroleum coke into useful higher added value products. The petcoke is solid and its logistics is quite different from most of the products handled by PETROBRAS; therefore, this product has been a constant challenge in relation flame the market requirements.

However, the industrial sector, especially the petroleum industry, has been looking for alternatives that minimizing the impact caused by to use these natural resources.

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