Then use the -iv –test switch set to see if it checks OK. If you do, they will ask for more money even though the software itself bugs me about updating every time I hope it , and hide your file of the former version so it is no longer accessible. Reconciling also is reasonably easy to do and works well. I moved to MD and have been pleased for many years. After digging around their website I noticed that the current version

moneydance 2012.5

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So after using it for over a year here are my conclusions: Please keep us posted: The reports are almost useless for a comprehensive Schedule A or B tax report. A simple bill pay transaction works well but the transaction can’t be entered into the check register. They also have an installation script available.

The functionality and usefulness of it is just awesome. Reconcile has had an issue with ‘0’ or credit balances on credit cards but this has largerly been fixed. The bottom line is that I feel my decision was a wise one and worth the effort to start an new year in a new program.

I should not that MD was a very minor bug update and so far no announcement has been made for Maybe this company fails to provide vision benefits for its employees, or its exploited child laborers. Well, you know how long they’ve been gone The lack of this info caused me to waste many hours trying to fix the problem, and their lack of Email response hasn’t helped. I did not even try conversion given my finances were quite complicated although I have read that others have been successful and that MD does a better job than some others.


Great interface, but the fact of not being able to import CSV file is a deal breaker for me. The only issue as mentioned above is that you can’t add a balance adjustment to an account without a category.

The Customer service is fast via email. Are you new to LinuxQuestions.

Tech support from this company was outstanding. The only feature Moneydance is missing is a Global search that looks at all your accounts at once.

Releases – Page 5 – The Infinite Kind

Moneydnce program would constantly import transactions randomly from all over the date range, which caused me to have to hunt the problems down.

If price, quality, and performance are what you are looking for, look no further. The developers are responsive to problems.

moneydance 2012.5

It has to be entered into a special bill pay window and then appears in the register. They changed the color scheme in my checking register from my custom settings to a scheme that is physically painful to look at.


I’m happy to say Moneydance is working without any problems and my data is intact. We’d love to hear about it!

moneydance 2012.5

However it is not as bad as Quicken historically was when I used it. IMO, if another one has come along, it cannot be superior.


It makes me think: I downloaded MoneyDance and launched it. It either has to be entered as a single category and then edited in the check register into a 2012.5 account or entered into bill pay as a single category, have a calendar reminder setup to do the split transaction, then merge the two when the ‘check’ is cleared.

During this time my access to the internet was severely impacted. This is still the only finance program, other than Quicken that will download and do bill pay from within the program. Plenty of questions but not answers in the Moneydance forum. This writer apparently skipped that course. Overall I disagree with this review.

I have had a few more crashes that have been easily recoverable.

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