However, the simulation speed while using the test run option has nothing to do with the real machining of the workpiece. The following are some important tools: If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. Write the File name: Introduction to CNC Turning. Demonstrate the ability to write a simple NC part program. Auth with social network:

mts topcam 7.3

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The test run option is used to simulate the program very fast to reach a certain step in the program. The default view gives you two section views from the workpiece. However, the simulation speed while using the test run option has nothing to do with the real machining of the workpiece. You have two main ways to display the simulator Graphic display Modes Display mode Icons.

A simulator is used to create NC programs, simulating them and checking their quality. Share buttons are topcamm little bit lower. Introduction to CNC Turning. We think you have liked this presentation.


mts topcam 7.3

Consists of a sequence of blocks Lines. Click on tab 2: Identify the different parts that compose the NC program. The start-up menu shown in Fig. Each block contains the technical and geometric information that the controller requires for the correspondent machining step.

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Published by Dustin Norton Modified over 3 years ago. The next window that appears is to select the controller.

mts topcam 7.3

To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policytipcam cookie policy. Click on tab 1: The next step is to fill in the information for the length, Diameter, and material type. The right column under the tool name shows the properties and dimensions of the tool as shown in Figure below.

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By picking this icon and drag the selection line. Middle line point c. Drag on the machine. The following are some important tools: Write the Hopcam name: Identify the difference between rapid positioning and feed rate positioning.


Click on tab 3: To stop the simulation at any step while running the program. The main areas of the 77.3 are shown on Fig.

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Download ppt “Module 2: Demonstrate familiarity with the MTS Simulator. To start the MTS simulator: Inventory Throughout this slide show there will be hyperlinks highlighted in blue follow the hyperlinks to navigate to the specified Topic or Figure. The simulator that we are going to deal with throughout the term is called the MTS Simulator.

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