Just download the file and launch it, then follow the prompt pictured below to install it into RocketDock. Great Program, but like some other users, all other directions but up down, left, right do not work. If you have Objectock or Rocketock, you certainly know the stack docklet from Matonga. Fenu-thyme Caps ‘s says: That brings me to one last point — organize. Thanks for any suggestions. I’ve made it extravagant, made it a little bit more simple and clean

objectdock stacks docklet 2

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Under the section entitled “Finding the Right Theme” the word “compromise” is not the word you want; it should be “comprise”.

Standalone Stack released ! » Chris’n’Soft

On Vista only the type one Problem was seen. Recent Posts SliderView 1.

Reply 6 December 2, 3: Like I mentioned before, there are loads of icons available — some which come in a pack and others are individual — the choice is yours. Sign in or Create Account. The automatic installation is pretty simple. Noticed that if you run a stack shortcut that leads to a second stack shortcut, the second stack shortcut will not run.

Docklets with ObjectDock 2

Creating a look that fits you is really fun to do, but objectxock takes a lot of time. Also, would like to request a possible forward button if icons are unable to fit within the display. Like ObjectDock, RocketDock also supports docklets, which are small applications that run within the dock. I am really bummed. Is there any way to create sub menus with Objectdock Plus 2.


Thank you for this Aaron, been using Rocketdock for years, and never knew about Stacks Docklet May 3, Freeware. June 13, at stakcs Everything is right at my command with a move of the mouse to any of the three sides.

Thought that might be a way around having to rework all my custom icons into the images folder.

objectdock stacks docklet 2

Great Program, but like some other users, all other directions but up down, left, right do not work. Thank you for the hard work! June 29, at The extension works with the RocketDock application and can be added on the dock in order to enhance its navigation stavks.

objectdock stacks docklet 2

Reply 3 October 19, 9: Finally, I see that Objectdock 2 packs objecttdock icons tighter on a dock less space between icons. Daily News About Windows 7: July 1, at It seems to me that Stardock’s Objectdock developers are more focused on themes than features.

Change log and bugs report in this forum: You could say that Stacks Docklet has been around as long as the docks themselves, so there have doclet a few different locations online where it has been available for download.


objectdock stacks docklet 2

There are many great features available to you once you register, including: Docklets like Stacks are third-party and from what I understand haven’t been updated to to support OD2. January 6, at I’ll look into it.

Docklets with ObjectDock 2 » Forum Post by harris

If there are too many files to be displayed as a fan, the files are organized in a grid. Having said that, I’ve tried Rocket Dock a couple of times.

Cut the newly extracted Stacks Docklet folder and past it objectdoco the Docklets folder. You can use the same docklet in Objectdock and it stays exactly as you left it.

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