There will be a song called Gojira. Boys and gals, kavalaya maranthu, Thalai therikka nee aadu, paadu,. Well, we just hope each and wish every person who is in this industry to do their best and thier greatest to entertain their sincere loving fans, do not misuse of what you read this especially, the TAMIL HIP HOP. Oorenggum kethu paaru, makkeh im a hustla,. We would appreciate if the things we said can be seen in our context rather than presuming what others think about it. Leya enna kadi veeta kattimudi Ulla minnal idi aajaaa.. Hey veccikeva unne veccikeva,ketti melem vecci kalakkeva, Kasappu kadaiku anupeva,unne atthukaariyage yettukeva,, Hey kattathe,nee bayapdathe,hey soldromle Rilek pannu nee rilek pannu Hey kattathe,nee bayapdathe,hey soldromle Rilek pannu nee rilek pannu Aattukutty pole ingu alaga yarum ille, Nattukulle attu potte puluke perum tolle, Manam,maruah,kavudu sudu attuku ethuvum ille, Kambingode kaigethan,nange kambingode kaigethan, Varenu aadu sollum,anah athu varathu, Inniki vare sonnah,nalaikum athu varathu, Sattema pesiputta aatukku athu pudikkathu, Nanathan kettu putten,sattemava kekkuthu Inthe aattukutty nale,enge valkai ella tholle, Inthe problette nan velle,yaaridem nan solle, Ade aiyoyo yen tangam,torture panne nenjam, Yen kannu munne kadhal vellum, Nee mamavode cellam..

psycho unit-ma carrotz full album

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The real name of this song is Child Abusing. We shouldn’t mention where and who right now, but please take this as a major advice.

| Masssukk!

Ponnu saamanthi poo poleh manakutho. His wife and kids, ran away from home, gone till today. Rapper singer songwriter record producer actor. Kalam maari pogum,olunga nee nadathukko, Pu pu pu pupu puthu valkai amaiccikko, Pa pa pa papa palase marakatingo Yenne nadathalum,neeya neeya irunthukko.

This was among the main reasons for alnum title of the Album itself. When it comes to the Malaysian Indian music industry, many names may rise, but the one name that changed phases was Daddy Shaq. What kinda of language u use?


psycho unit-ma carrotz full album

Moreover, fans and professional counterparts alike encouraged Rabbit Mac to come up with yet another masterpiece. I actually include these messages, but not that apparent a manner because I like to rap about other things as well, especially things I encounter in life.

psycho unit-ma carrotz full album

Shady until my dying day Til I hang up the mic and it’s time for me to say So long, til then I drop the fucking bombs Like I miss the pass when I went long If you don’t like it you can kiss my ass in a lint thong Now sing along, slut this, slut that, learn the words to the song Oh bitches don’t like that, homie I’ll be nicer to women When the aqua man drowns and the human torch starts swimming Man I’m a cold soul, I roll solo so So don’t compare me to them other bums over there It’s like apples to oranges, peaches to plums yeah I’m bananas pussy, cut off the grapes and grow a pair But I swear, you try to diss me, I’ll slaughter you I put that on everything, like everyone does with auto-tune That last thing you wanna do is have me spit out a rhyme And say I was writing this and I thought of you so.

I am a disco dancer, kambathu rapper, State 9 hustla. Murux song — Psycho Unit 6. All we wanted to do was to send the message strong but in a positive way.

psycho unit-ma carrotz full album

He was the first to bring this event and awareness to Malaysia. The track was in multiple languages because; we don’t want any of your closest friends no matter, Indian, Chinese, Malay or anyone to do such things.


So, I hope you guys and gals will get this song right next when you listen, of cause its strictly not for kids under Being featured in many prominent albums with well known local and international artist, he has created an immense reputation for himself.


Soccer Beach, 1am, Penang, few years back. Chorus Yenne nadathalum,neeya neeya irunthukko.

Partha silirkudhu koocham marukudhu Dhegam inikudhu aajaa. The main concept behind the album was to educate Malaysian Indians about the spreading social plight nowadays.

Ma Carrotz

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Tell us about your albun release. Is Albu Unit a rap group? Man chill, nah I can’t god damnit Rap is a landfill, drop the anvil These are shoes that you can’t fill Shit the day that happens the world’ll stop spinning And Michael J.

This is where he begins his career as a musician especially into hip hop and rap music. Man, it was by far the biggest show I have ever played. Rabbit, who is also into hip-hop Malaysian Tamil Underground music, started his professional music career by making remixes of both English and Tamil songs.

Rabbit Mac

The next day, he commits suicide. Munnadi munnadi kuliki aadu Aasa theera vetpathakelapu Nerupu thamizhan yaaru Nan uthama puthiran unit-m Takkunu takkunu sangathi sollitu Unnakum ennakum ennachu Nerupu thamizhan yaaru Nan uthama puthiran paaru Ye mesai thodikkudhu aasai vedikkudhu Yedho nandakudhadiiiii.

Views Read Edit View history. So,kastham nastam ella vise,Ulacci serttu vacciko kase, Hey yo,i gotta go Murukku maathiri sutthi aadureh, belly dancer.

He then formed a band called illaya Gangai at the age 15 and played at functions all around North Malaysia for 10 years.

A brief introduction would be nice.

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