You are the very best of all gurus, O Sai! Sing the glory of Sai who is incarnation of Narayana, who is adorned with beautiful eyes and who is the Lord of the Universe. You are the embodiment of blissful peace. O Lord of Mira, Lord Giridhari! Saregama is the best place to find old Hindi songs and timeless classics.

sai devaya namaha song

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Thou all-powerful One, master of all beings, Savior of mankind from endless births and deaths, son of the Shiva, O primeval God, Our salutations to Thee.

Glory to Lord Krishna who moves about in Brindavan on the banks of the holy river Yamuna. Thou art the protector and sustainer of the entire Universe. Chant the many Divine names of Lord: Victory to the enchanting beautiful Sai Ram. Sing the name of Govinda. Hey Murare Krishnavictory to Thee! Resident of Kailasha wherever there’s purity. He is the present incarnation of Sai Baba of Shirdi. Truth is Thy form.

Om Sai Namo Namaha |Sai Manthram | Shirdi Saibaba | – video dailymotion

Glory to the Divine Mother, to Parvati! TV Episodes View all. Victory to the Mother who provides Wisdom, Liberation and Bliss. Guide us along the path of Nqmaha, Righteousness, Bliss and Love.


Shri Sai Nathaya Namaha Namaha MP3 Song Download- Shri Sai Nathaya Namaha Namaha

O Krishna, darling son of Nanda, Radha’s beloved who steals butter, Dweller of the mind and heart of Mira, You have now appeared in Parthi to delight Your devotees.

Thou slew the ten-headed demon Ravana. Saregama has a history of attracting new music lovers around the world with the best selection of songs and numbers from all eras.

sai devaya namaha song

Receive subscription updates via SMS. This is a “naamavali” or a string of various names of the particular God.

Om Sai Devaya Namah

Hey Madhava, You lifted the Govardhan mountain. Kindly shower grace on us who are helpless. Victory to the One who is the protector of cows guards the individual soul Hail and glory to Radha who symbolizes union with God Victory to the One who is the protector of cows guards the individual soul O Sai Gopala, You are Divine consciousness itself.


sai devaya namaha song

Chant the namzha of Sai, who loves all religions and who is the embodiment of all religions. Hey Narayana, salutations to Thee. Son of Mother Eshwaramma!

That is why saregama has separate listings for every decade. Hey Madhava, Keshava, Hari, Narayana. O Charming Divine Prince!

sai devaya namaha song

This is a description of Krishna as the following: Thou art the bestower of auspiciousness and destroyer of pain and misery. Thou art the protector of the weak and fallen and extremely affectionate towards devotees. Pray to the son of Parvathi, the pot bellied One who removes obstacles.

Victory to You, Lord Ganesha. Victory to Lord Govinda. Govinda; joy of Gokula; Mukundha; Ghanashyama; Sai. Thy real form is Truth, Bliss and Knowledge.

Sing chant the name of Shiva, the name of Sai.

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