If you have followed everything in this document correctly then you will get a green light and it will appear shortly in your inbox! You have technically no control. You should be able to refresh the workbook used in the broadcaster setting in the Precalculation Server with BEx Analyzer manually. June 7, at 1: Hi Carsten As per How-to-guide https:

sap bw precalculation server

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This can be obtuse, for example the following are self-consistent: Like 0 Dezso Pap Post author September 17, at 8: Sometimes the precalc server doesn’t register itself correctly.

In the log of our Precalculation Server I regularly see the following entries:. This will require deeper analysation. You may get an RFC connection error – follow section 3. Now you need to create the Precalculation Server Instance s in backend. VMWare is precalvulation excellent platform for pre-calculation as you often need multiple servers. Ask the BI team if you need help finding one.

Installing a precalculation server

In my case it was just regular OS updates. If that’s all fine then click Execute.

sap bw precalculation server

WelcomeGuest Login Register. The following link describes the ‘Deletion of Precalculation Service instances’ http: It will commonly break other applications run on the same system after installation.


SAP Precalculation Server Tables

Windows does work but it is not a supported platform. If you have an old version installed you also have to run sapsweep and tell it to remove all old versions of SAP front end software. The IP shown in the log xxx. By continuing to use this site you agree to our use of cookies. If you have several then select Special Server and select the one you want to test with. I checked and as I found SAP does not have specific documentation on sizing.

Hello Andreas, I patched the WinR2 server to the latest level – still occuring. If you have followed everything in this document correctly then you will get a green light and it be appear shortly in your inbox!

Deletion of Precalculation Server Instance 2nd step: Excel SP2 or higher, but not Excel If you use Microsoft Update, this bww be a problem. WTS connection to the Precalculation Server must be available and opened.

sap bw precalculation server

You are ready to test! Note, it is highly recommended NOT to use a server which is sao use for anything else, especially for any other SAP applications as the requirements for Precalculation are often in conflict with other applications. Attempted to read or write protected memory. If you observe hanging Excel sessions please stop the Precalculation Service, kill the Excel sessions manually and test precalculation in Console Mode next point again.


Select Workbook and then open. Once you have applied the recommendation please answer ALL the questions mentioned at the bottom of the page. Safety Belt option for large Query Results. When I’m not busy designing in-memory apps, you may find me pounding the pavement to the beat of music in the hilly suburbs of Philadelphia, or traveling the world to meet new people and new cultures.

Tick the tick box as shown precalcylation the Log On screen “Allow Service to interact with desktop”. The file name is “BExPrecalcLog. Did you find any documentation on sizing of precal server?

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