Partial G Form Chords 6. Anthony Stauffer of StevieSnacks. He started out by providing free lessons on YouTube and later progressed to providing premium guitar lessons that cover a number of specific topics related to playing Texas-style electric blues. Additionally, Anthony has included PDF files containing tabbed exercises and diagrams of the fretboard. The free online stuff is great, his reviews are great and his pay-to-play DVDs are even better. E Form Bar Chords 4.


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The series I want to focus on in this review is Essential Fretboard. The Essential Fretboard series includes thirteen separate video lessons, broken down as follows: The 5 Essential Boxes 7. I always look forward to his new lesson series. He is thorough enough to cover the concepts that he is teaching, but does not get steviesnacis down in the technical details like some other teachers can do.

The lessons are, for the most part, delivered in three distinct sections: Sliding Box 1 9. A Form Bar Chords 5. They are clearly thought out to cover the topics within each series without a whole lot of unnecessary fluff.

Anthony Stauffer of StevieSnacks. After illustrating what the lesson is about, he shows you what he is talking about by demonstrating the concepts on the guitar.



Specific to the 12 Bar Blues series, I love how simple he makes it because it actually is a quite simple way to play some great music. They are both excellent lesson series and I recommend the Essential Fretboard first, then moving to the 12 Bar Blues series. In addition to the video lessons, there are several supplemental steviesnzcks.

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Review: Essential Fretboard from

Essential Fretboard from StevieSnacks. He follows this in most lessons with some exercises that you can follow to apply the principles that he has taught in the lesson. However, I think this lesson series includes a steviesnackks of great information for those new to playing blues music.

Anthony is a top-shelf guy, teacher and player in the SRV style. Additionally, Anthony has included PDF files containing tabbed exercises and diagrams of the fretboard. Just like I like to cook the food I like to eat, I have always wanted to learn to play the same music on the guitar that I like to listen to.

Review: Essential Fretboard from

I have taken a private lesson with Anthony and he is top notch. I have played air-guitar for as long as I can remember at least stevissnacks past 30 years and just last year finally got serious about learning the real thing. Partial G Form Chords 6. Anthony is a true gift to aspiring players.



Another cool feature of his series at least the two series I have is the link he sends you when you first order them prior to the DVDs arriving, which arrived lickity-split anyway. The free online steviesnacka is great, his reviews are great and his pay-to-play DVDs are even better. Thanks for posting about these awesome lessons. Building the Fretboard Map 3.

– Albert’s Influence Lessons

I was playing well-timed shuffles and other moves in the 12 bar system in less than 30 minutes—no kidding. Putting It All Together.


Basically, this series provides a fretboard map that illustrates the essential chords and soloing shapes for playing blues and blues-based music. You can view details about the Essential Fretboard series on StevieSnacks. Backing tracks are included so that you can play along with the examples.

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