Used with Logic Pro 8. The computer didn’t support my sound card at all it already happened to me with another sound card I had to return. Incompatibilities obvious to anyone with an HP Pavilion I strongly recommend this choice. Using ableton 6 and the konnekt 8 soundcard. Latency is very low with a recent computer.

tc electronic konnekt 24d firmware

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We always groan when transitioning to the pump but we are still happy to ride with. Storing three configs that are very useful when you have habits.

tc electronic konnekt 24d firmware

TC Electronic Konnekt 24D. Drivers are updated fairly regularly I think. However stand-alone use was clean, I enjoyed a few hours of the reverb – very good quality. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. In preproduction recording session, I record each instrument.

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The computer didn’t support my sound card at all it already happened to me with another sound card I had to return. I was using this interface for a portable set up of mine. The installation itself was made without problem. Hi, Thank you for your mail. Are you running at I tried adjusting these numbers but doesnt do anyting My home operating systems were not stable at all.


I think the latency was quite low, but the software supplied with TC NEAR did not give me any info and crashed and caused the whole system with him. On Macbook pro and iMac by location. Finally, I acknowledge the long period of TC electronic bashing to be partly responsible for the abandonment of the area by this brand It has firewire connectivity and two high quality mic inputs that can be switched on the go to hi-Z instruments like guitars.

I really enjoyed working with it, it is a shame that they are not making it anymore. The effects are in real time DSP. I am a professional musician and I regularly use a lot of other cards in lots of circumstances.

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I certify that if there is a difference in sound with RME, it is almost inaudible. I guess the latency is electfonic enough, but the software provided TC Near doesn’t gave any info about it, it crashes and crashes the whole system. Also obviously disable any peripheral stuff – anti virus, wireless, no cd’s in the cd drive, no additional USB items or firewire stuff, no email clients etc etc.

The acoustic qualities are preserved and the DSP effects are very konnfkt.

tc electronic konnekt 24d firmware

I subsequently had problems where the Kopnnekt gave up the ghost and the firewire chip stopped working shortly after the mic pre starting mis-behaving but until then it all worked fine.


These small personal inconvenience does not affect the qualities of this card: Ideal for good catches despite a standard microphone SM The manual is very useful on the Internet. The quality was decent, and worked well for me to get some ideas down while I tirmware out and about.

With plug-ins on Logic and quality converters, the sound is impressive. Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services.

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Electronjc install these patches: Also definitely need to download 1. I’ll add this map view comments demmarer very badly because of crappy driver, but the new driver excellent and nickel hardware part! Using ableton 6 and the konnekt 8 soundcard.

Installed latest driver and firmware but when using ableton and running a simple loop, 4,8,16 whatever- I get “drop outs” here and there.

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