Hinamatsuri TV Series Screw that, let’s shoot the damn thing! Loved so many things in this ep: They could not have killed the captain Haru cares so much about everyone, literally everyone in Enoshima, that he is willing to sacrifice himself and his happiness to make sure that they are all safe from the Dragon this time. Search for ” Tsuritama ” on Amazon.

tsuritama ep 10

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There’s a typhoon bearing down on the island and the dragon can now take over people that are in the general vicinity, not just through water. Can’t wait for the finale! The episodes are getting better and better Haru’s water gun is only little and wanting to shot ysuritama.

Koko 10 episodes, Andrew Love Eep happen fast but how characters relate to each other seems so natural, like if the series had been going for 50 eps.

Tsuritama Episode 10 Discussion

That is not to say that this episode is bereft of all of the heartwarming moments that have thus far endeared us to these characters: Yuki can talk to people and get stuff done although he’ll probably never lose the “stone fish” faceNatsuki has forgiven his dad, Akira realizes that no person is an island, and Haru is starting to grasp the complexity of human emotion.


Also, Natsuki tsuuritama made me laugh hard. Natsuki being a BAMF. After gathering Natsuki and some of the other Enoshima residents, they outline a plan to get back into Enoshima and get the gear they need to fish JFX out of the sea.

Akira and Tapioca working together is so cute, ugh! I absolutely loved the ttsuritama that was shown here. Haru finally realizes what the audience has known all along, that Haru has friends in Yuki, Natsuki, and even Akira.

Oh, there’s Enoshima dance legend. He, as a fish, wanted to bring that legendary fish faraway. Many audience will complain if it really do!!!

June 18, at 7: And in which part that shit bombed?

Prince of fishing agrees to help out to protect the island. Haru freaks out and starts to yell at Yuki, but Yuki runs right at Haru, slapping him hard across the face. I was giggling one moment, and the next I was almost to tears. It passes over a DUCK submarine, and a missile is accidentally launched, hitting the Hemingway store with Ayumi possibly in it….


Was tshritama captains’s ship bombed?!?!?!

tsuritama ep 10

I’m level on mal-badges. I wonder if the 12th episode is DVD-Bluray exclusive? He better make it out of that explosion. You’re stuck on survival island until you gather 7 gems, and the only way to get gems is by killing other people.

Then Akira finds prince of fishing for help. So, is there 1 or 2 more episodes left? Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Natsuki’s dancing was that was just like But Tsuritama does still have a few problems with tsufitama where the characters move really fast.

Tsuritama Episode 10 | Moeronpan

Email required Address never made public. Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow Maybe one of my all time favorites.

tsuritama ep 10

It all depends on the ending.

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