User reviews about TweetMyPC. Control automatic updates in Windows It may only do three things, but it’s a pretty cool fail safe device to switch off your PC should you forget. Also you can find a list showing the commands you can use to control your pc. You can subscribe to my blog.

tweetmypc version 3.9

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This utility also has a CustomCommand window, where you can create your custom commands to control programs or shell commands.

The time now is Other than that, this utility is a powerful tool to perform various maintenance tasks, whenever you are away and not using your computer at home or the office.

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tweetmypc version 3.9

CONS Only three commands. Tweet My Pc 3. The only configuration that you need to go through is install TweetMyPC program and sign in with your Twitter twetmypc. How to used app tweetmjpc here. TweetMyPC is a Freeware where you can run a bunch of commands including shutdown, restart, logoff, standby and etc on the remote computer by tweeting the supported commands on your Twitter account.

Add download to my watchlist: Powder Game 5 Download. PC, you can remotely log out, restart, or shut down your PC using a Twitter account! But why should you develop a complete- Server- Client- system just for.


Shutdown your PC using twitter or facebook

This app wont allow you to tweet multiple command wait for minute 10 to 20 minutes to used the same command. This method is also very useful because there are free Twitter apps for every devices which means you can shutdown a computer by logging in to your Twitter account and tweet the command. PC and other interesting stuff. PC works by checking the Twitter account every minute, and responding accordingly.

Most time when you want to connect two personal computers you need a Server between them 39. get access and forward the wanted data because firewalls often block direct connections and most people don’t have internet- connections with static IPs.

Needs a Twitter account? From the official site you can view a list of commands.

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This will help us plan future versions of the tool. PC if there are things like Remote Desktop or vnc; but as already said before, you still need the IP- Address and often an open port for being able to use these technologies – this is not needed with Tweet. Wise Care Easy to use PC system optimizer. SP1, which allows you to control and access your computer from anywhere by simply sending a twitter- message with a special command as its content.


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Control automatic updates in Windows PC is developed in Developers free time. Some commands return an output string. This service gives users a really easy and fast way of communication. TweetMyPC is developed in Developers free time.

tweetmypc version 3.9

This site was designed with the. Once it has started logging off or shutting the process can’t be stopped, but there is a 9.

PC to be ready for action. Therefore it’s not quite an emergency security tool, but it’s still pretty useful. Results 1 to 1 of 1. The tweet commands are not written tweeymypc in the application, so you have to remember them, or go to the developer’s site.

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