In that case, area can be specified where hosts will be placed. Except where otherwise noted, content on this wiki is licensed under the following license: Time required on unsorted values has been reduced from seconds to 2. User Tools Log In. LogRemoteCommands Enable logging of executed shell commands as warnings. Now a string No events will be shown instead.

zabbix 2.0.6

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Log monitoring is not working in Zabbix version 2. When sorting by that column, entries are only sorted by whether they are referenced, actions referencing media types do not influence the sort order.

Host and template properties.

Release Notes for Zabbix 2.0.6

zabbi Server, when adding a new auto-registered host, uses received IP address and port to configure the agent. Before during queue calculations a configuration lock was made for every active item. Configuration File of target host: Create an item with the Zabbix agent active. Updated american english, brazilian portuguese, dutch, french, german, greek, hungarian, japanese, latvian, russian, slovak, spanish, turkish and ukrainian translations; thanks to zabbix translators.

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The upgrade process converts all existing simple checks. Previously, selecting a range of entities in Zabbix frontend was not very intuitive – one had to hold down Ctrl both for the range start and range end. Zabbjx deadlocks while processing lld rules; each prototype will be processed in its own transaction.


zabbix 2.0.6

UserParameter User-defined parameter to monitor. It allows monitoring of WEB applications from various geographical locations. Zabbix Windows agent previously included the trailing zwbbix in disk drive discovery – for example, the returned values would include C: For upgrading from earlier versions first use upgrade scripts from Zabbix 1.

Items have a property that allows to store their value in any of the inventory fields if inventory is set to Automatic mode. They can be placed in up to 3 columns. Already discovered items will be updated only if some of their properties have changed. Zabbix documentation in Russian. Is there a way to check if this is supported or not for our version? If no disks are being monitored, Zabbix agent memory usage will decrease by approximately KB.

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Additionally, 3 new macros have been added that also can be used in element URL fields:. Starting with Zabbix 2. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. This has been fixed by splitting one transaction to handle all escalations into a separate transaction for each, which results in alerts becoming available to the alerter while the escalator is busy. This remains like that.


All values are matched in a case-insensitive way. Only currently visible events are exported. This makes recovery message checkbox operate in a more intuitive way.

Release Notes for Zabbix

Table of Contents 3 Installation from packages. When active agent asks for checks, if it has configuration parameters ListenIP or ListenPort defined in the configuration file, these are sent along to the server. If you don’t need support for large numbers on a bit platform you will have to recompile Zabbix agent and make sure a compiler produces bit application.

zabbix 2.0.6

Unicorn Meta Zoo 9: Order in which mappings are tried depends on match order. It will link to download pages for multiple more recent browsers. See item documentation for more information.

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